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Friday, June 18, 2010

Nationwide Alert

Here’s some more good news on the security front. A nationwide alert is on for 17 Afghan AWOL military members from a Texas Air Base where they were attending language classes. What!? There aren’t any bases in Afghanistan for these guys to attend English classes? Each of these potential human WMD’s was issued a Department of Defense Common Access Card which allows them on military installations. According to the article these guys went missing over the last two years… two years!!!??? It claims an unspecified number have been caught but at the end of the article it lists all seventeen names in a link. Why do that if some are in custody? When I read something like this a burning question pops into my mind. How many idiots in the Pentagon or State Department does it take to establish foreign exchange student programs with countries we are at war with, where we send Americans over to fight and die in exchange for trained terrorists… and then give them common access cards to all our military installations? We’re doomed.

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