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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sinking South Korea's Ship Not Terrorism

The North Koreans sank a South Korean ship killing forty-six sailors in South Korean waters a little while ago. It was investigated by all kinds of people although everyone knew who shot the torpedo. When the truth came out the North Koreans did indeed do it even to China’s satisfaction the big question came up as to what would be done about it. Answer – nothing. Our administration has announced it was not an act of terrorism so North Korea will not be placed back on the terror list. According to our state department it was a provocation by one country’s military against another. Okay… since we’re practically South Korea’s military with thousands of our troops at risk, I’m a little confused at this. Does North Korea now get to do anything they want, including firing warheads into Seoul? If we’ve decided to do nothing and let South Korea fight their own battles, we should at least get our troops out of there before that maniac in the North nukes them and goes oops, so sorry. The South Koreans have been demonstrating sometimes violently against us being there for some time. Well, although I’m not too crazy about letting them get enslaved by the North, we have to come up with a better policy than hoping the North Korean Loon will be satisfied with knocking off South Koreans. We can’t have it both ways. Either we’re defending South Korea or we’re not, in which case we need to recall our troops before they suffer one of Emperor Nutcake’s test attacks against us, knowing we don’t plan to hit back.

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