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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goofiest Race Card Pull Ever

The NAACP forced Hallmark to pull graduation audio cards with a space theme because when the character card audio used a reference to black holes the NAACP decided it really said a racial epithet – black whores. It’s coincidental I was beginning a list of the silliest ‘race card’ pulls surrounding the Arizona immigration law. I scrapped it after reading this article because they pale in comparison to this bit of utter nonsense by a group that must have their research wing spending every waking moment looking for ways to be offended. In grasping for this straw they have found a way to look simply ridiculous.


Charles Gramlich said...

I had trouble getting it to play, but that happens with my satellite connection. Sounds pretty goofy but I guess I'd have to listen to it. I'll try later.

Bernita said...

Somehow, I can't see Hallmark intending to be racist.

I can see this taking on the urban legend status of the claim about Proctor and Gamble and the 666 satanic stuff.

BernardL said...

Don't waste your time, Charles. You'd have to be a member of the professionally offended looking at that card and coming up with a racial epithet.

It deserves legend status for being the most ridiculous race card pull of all time, Bernita. :)

whydibuy said...

It is funny to see how some of this hyper sensitivity plays out in the real world.

I remember a coworker getting called on the carpet for supposedly making a sexist comment in the presence of a woman.
Except he wasn't making any comment to the woman. She just interpeted what she heard as something directed at her.

Specifically, he said to
another mechanic " those are some big balloons " . Problem was, they were looking at the rear wheels of a drag racer vehicle, not her.

BernardL said...

Yep, whydibuy, that is another perfect example of the perpetually offended on the loose. I think you could add in self absorbed for her too.