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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ceding Sovereignty

No matter how you feel about the Arizona law I don’t think any US citizen agrees with ceding the Arizona border park land over to Mexican drug cartels because the federal government refuses to protect our border. It’s no wonder with this news why Texas is establishing a Predator drone base. They may be afraid the feds are getting ready to cede the Texas border area to the drug cartels along with Arizona’s. The answer is not to put up signs forbidding United States citizens from entering USA park territory because of drug runners and illegal alien banditos. The answer is to make interfering with United States citizens on their own land the same as certain death. We don’t need thousands of unarmed troops on the border. We need twenty spaced out sniper teams with Predator drone backup and a shoot to kill order. This interview with an Arizona Sheriff puts our problem into perspective.


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like it would be good training for deployment to Iraq. Send the troops in. Let them get training by killing some drug smugglers.

BernardL said...

Yeah Charles, specially since the Drug Cartel soldiers have no qualms about killing our border patrol people. I always assumed we'd fight rather than be driven from our own land. In the case of the Federal Government I may have assumed too much.