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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Animal Genocide

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on ceding of United States sovereignty here’s an article about thousands of wildlife refuge acres closed since 2006 because of security concerns due to drug and human smugglers. Let’s put aside the fact our federal government decided American citizens don’t deserve protection from foreign invaders so they can visit a wildlife preserve we’re all paying for. I wonder what kind of refuge we’re getting for our money if thousands of illegal alien criminal invaders are allowed to stomp across the wildlife habitat. Consider this, guess who pays for the cleanup on a wildlife refuge, we’re not allowed to visit, damaged by foreign invaders – that’s right, the US taxpayer. Where’s PETA, World Wildlife, Greenpeace, and all the rest of the save the animals first crowd? Maybe they should quit hugging polar bears for a moment and take a look at this potential animal genocide at our border.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

There's enough animals being wiped out already. I hate to see more become victims of human greed and unconcern.

Bernita said...

Too many special interest groups only go after easy targets.

BernardL said...

True Charles, but I'd like to save a few of our citizens and border patrol agents too. The 'Animals First' crowd are nothing but hypocrites. They'll try and save a speckled roach if it disrupts our lives, prevents a building for human beings, or ends in the confiscation of land by the feds. Demanding our government protect an actual wildlife refuge in a circumstance which also protects American sovereignty goes against their agenda.

That's right, Bernita, and usually the 'easy target' is our way of life.