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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Hoax Continues

The money trail threads sprouting out from the Carbon Credit Mafia and their ‘Cap & Trade’ taxpayer extortion racket even includes our ‘Fannie Mae’ federally sponsored mortgage failure. That congress debates these ‘Climate’ tax jokes like ‘Cap & Trade’ instead of imprisoning all the thieves responsible for this global warming hoax defies all logic. Still spouting debunked nonsense and threatening global apocalypse to sell their scam, the carbon trading marketers have surpassed already imprisoned criminals like Bernie Madoff and the Enron gang a thousand times over. Instead of calling themselves ‘Climate Change Advocates’ and their enterprises ‘Green Foundations’, they should all be classified under a new umbrella banner of identification – The ‘P.T. Barnum Advocacy Group’ and their motto ‘We exploit the suckers every minute’.


Charles Gramlich said...

the human race is in the exploitation business. It's rampant in all kinds of fields. Any con that can be run will be.

BernardL said...

I know you're right, Charles. I just wish they'd picked some other simple scam that simply robbed us for a short period, instead of this hoax not only stealing us blind but altering our lives and security along with it.