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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Military police at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, home of the US Central Command overseeing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, arrested a man and woman trying to enter the base without proper identification. Upon searching their vehicle military weapons and gear were found. The part that bugs me about this story is the authorities have not released their identities. If they turn out to be a couple of would be ‘Major Hasans’ and their identities were withheld simply to appease fifth column groups like our own enemy within CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations) then we have allowed political correctness to breach the suicidal stage. Yeah, I’m jumping to conclusions - but only because every time ‘the authorities’ withhold names in these cases nowadays is if they are potential ‘Major Hasans’. If American citizens like the Hutaree Militia group are arrested with very little evidence of any wrong doing, their names, addresses and life histories immediately get smeared across the country. It will be interesting to follow this story at MacDill Air Force Base. Tragedy will be just over the horizon if we’re hiding information so as not to offend fifth columnists like CAIR.
If these two are potential ‘Major Hasans’ I hope to God the authorities at MacDill employ some intelligent profiling in finding out who the couple were trying to sneak military weapons and gear on the Central Command Base for.


Charles Gramlich said...

they should defintely release the names. I'll be curious to see if your suspicions hold true. I'm betting you're right.

BernardL said...

If the two were a couple of 'rednecks' we'd already know everything they ever did or knew in their entire lives. The first reports were that the couple was 'Caucasian'. Well, okay but Iranians are considered Caucasian. One guy was supposedly AWOL. If he were a politically incorrect 'Caucasian' his face would be on the news with a squad of brave federal agents as bookends. I suspect they'd have his mug shot running in a loop on CNN along with every misstep he'd ever made since kindergarten. You know, Charles, I hope I am wrong about this.