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Monday, June 14, 2010

Oklahoma Okay!

Oklahoma may have been paying attention to our canary in the mine shaft, Great Britain. Instead of waiting for the proverbial camel to get its nose under the tent, Oklahoma legislators put a state constitutional amendment on the ballot to forbid any judge from invoking Sharia law or applying International law in cases tried there. After watching Great Britain with five Sharia courts I would have to say we need a reiteration of United States sovereignty in all fifty of our states as Oklahoma is doing. I’m with Oklahoma. Keep Sharia and honor killings out of our country. Otherwise, we won’t even recognize America in a couple decades. Until we assimilate the legal immigrants we have now from the Middle East we should shut off all immigration from there for at least ten years.


Bernita said...

To me, separate courts smacks of a state within a state.

BernardL said...

That's right, Bernita. The exceptions to a country's rule of law will always act as if they are above it.