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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where's The Water Vapor?

I’ve been writing about fabrication in climate studies. This LA Times guy is an expert at obfuscation in ballooning the numbers on CO2 and the other minor gases making up our greenhouse effect. He left water vapor off - the single most important greenhouse gas. It makes up 95% of all greenhouse gases. The rest are as follows: CO2 - .117%, Methane - .066%, N2O - .047%, Misc. CFC’s - .047%. I guess it would have been ‘inconvenient’ for him to include water vapor, although it holds more heat than CO2, because that would have made the subject of his goofy column completely irrelevant. He must have learned his science reporting at East Anglia.,0,4164470.story

Here’s a chart with the real content of gasses causing our Greenhouse Effect. The good news is the Holy Global Warming acolytes are getting desperate when they leave the main greenhouse gas off so as to inflate their CO2 and soot numbers.

The Prophet Al Gore went a lie too far giving a speech to his Copenhagen huckster flock, claiming the polar ice would be gone by 2014. He made the mistake of quoting figures from a fellow huckster scientist that even surprised his alarmist comrade. When the UK Telegraph asked Dr. Maslowski about Gore’s claim his speech was derived from Maslowski’s figures, the Doc said no way did he ever predict what Gore said. Maybe Gore should stick to making up claims from dead scientist’s work so the newspapers can’t ask the source. In defense of the Prophet, Maslowski is just as wild eyed nutso as Gore – but he isn’t dopey enough to make claims that will be seen as an outright lie so close in the future. I think the Prophet is trying to protect his carbon credit market scam and he’s getting a bit frightened the bottom may drop out of his imaginary product.


Charles Gramlich said...

Yep, need to include water vapor for sure. I watched a show last night on terraforming mars using global warming.

BernardL said...

You beat me to that one, Charles. I was going to do a blog on how the polar ice caps on Mars melt and even disappear in cycles because of solar radiation. I wonder if we have a secret society on the red planet driving SUV's and burning coal. :)

Bernita said...

Reminds me of that old cliche that figures don't lie but liars do figure.

BernardL said...

They call it targeted omission, Bernita. :)