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Monday, December 28, 2009

Fire Napolitano!

There have been two terrorist dry runs in the last two months. First an Air Tran flight 297 on November 17th, and the second a United Airlines Flight 227 on December 9th. I won’t go into either of them in detail except to refer those interested to a chronological listing of these and other disturbances here:

You can get detailed accounts by googling the flights and dates. It makes fascinating reading but stay clear of them if you have high blood pressure, especially the flying Imams story.

The Islamo terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab set off an explosive device on Northwest Flight 253. It failed because of a faulty detonator. An incredibly astute passenger, Jasper Schuringa, jumped him and led the counter measures done to subdue Abdulmatallab and put out the fire. Although every insane politically correct security measure was perpetrated on old ladies, kids, and anyone with metal joints, again a guy who might as well have been wearing an ‘I Am A Terrorist Nametag’ circumvents every security barrier including terrorist watch lists, being banned from the UK, spending months in Al Qaeda training camps in Yemen, and his own Dad warning our embassy about his fanatical son.

There’s no use in my whining about the politically correct posse thwarting any real solutions to stopping these terrorists as the Israelis have done successfully for decades. I instead point this post at our Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano who went out on the talk show circuit to announce the system worked and there were no real leads into larger terrorist threads – all stated while investigators around the globe tracked connections to a notorious London Mosque, Al Qaeda connections in the UK, Yemen, Nigeria, and the Netherlands to name only a few. To his credit, President Obama identified this as a terrorist attack. If he wishes to maintain credibility in protecting the American people, President Obama needs to fire Napolitano – the most incompetent official ever put in charge of a nation’s security. I understand political payoff but keeping Napolitano in charge of Homeland Security is insane. Her idea of fighting Islamo terrorism is pretending it doesn’t exist. We have our wake up call. Now, let’s go find Jack Bauer.

In conclusion, please don’t cry and scream if you are ever unfortunate enough to get on board one of the Napolitano terrorist training flights with young Middle Eastern thugs disturbing passengers, disobeying flight attendants’ orders, juggling luggage and hiding out in the bathrooms. For God’s sake go get a piece. You may be able to prevent further carnage as Mr. Schuringa bravely did. Remember, governmental idiots like Napolitano will continue to allow people the Israelis would have locked in a dungeon if they ever tried boarding an aircraft in Israel skipping on board our flights with a pat on the back. They will be allowed to terrorize passengers on dry-runs and then get free tickets because passengers and flight crews discriminated against their antics. I will not be cowering in my seat when this crap happens on a flight I’m on. Dry your eyes and grit your teeth folks, it’s goin’ to be a bumpy ride. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

Scary stuff for sure. I first heard that one of the tries was in New Orleans but that turned out not to be the case.

BernardL said...

It is indeed scary, Charles, especially when our leaders assume we can't handle the truth. If we were as easily panicked as they think we are, this country wouldn't even exist. They allow the New York Times to compromise our security secrets in their headlines, but feel the need to pretend people from the Middle East aren't trying to blow us to kingdom come. The PC Police want us to believe we're in just as much danger from a white haired lady from Minnesota with bad knees.

Bernita said...

What everone seems to be glossing over,is that but for the faulty mechanism, the attemp would have succeeded.

BernardL said...

That's right, Bernita, but for plain old dumb luck the flight was toast. The explosive might still have gone off if Mr. Schuringa had not pulled the burning syringe away from the explosive mix though. I think the intent of the media to minimize what Mr. Schuringa did is under way and I'm not sure why.