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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Show Me The Money!

They actually convicted one of those pesky lab-coats in the Global Warming Cabal. It seems he decided to route some lucrative GW study no-bid contracts over to his wife’s business. She must have convinced him it wasn’t easy being green and saving the planet should come with perks. He obliged. To quote the article on whom this guy is:

“Schoeberl was the chief scientist of the Goddard Space Flight Center's Earth Sciences Division and the head of the Aura Project, a NASA mission to study the Earth's ozone layer, air quality and climate. He has written extensively about the depletion of the ozone level, and the influence of humans on global climate change.”

I wonder if Mr. Schoberl plans a follow-up book on how to doctor climate research, navigate money from the resulting bonanza into personal funds, and then only get probation when you’re caught red-handed. He should self-publish it though because of his limited potential audience of crooks. We need to coin a new phrase for the GW Cabal’s movement. Instead of ‘Living Green’ the slogan should be ‘Stealing the Green’. This fraud has always been and always will be about the money trail. We all need to keep that fact in mind when the lead huckster Al Gore starts comparing his Global Warming farce to storming the beaches at Normandy.


Charles Gramlich said...

It is the age of hyperbole.

BernardL said...

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" dealt with Climate-gate on Tuesday night, while ABC, NBC, and CBS are still ignoring it, Charles. Stewart had a great line - “Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented. Oh, oh, the irony!” :)

When the only TV news sources covering ClimateGate in this country are 'Comedy Central' and Fox it's a good thing the UK and Canada aren't ignoring it.

Middle Ditch said...

Charles said it all

BernardL said...

Exaggeration is everywhere, MD, except in describing the only real global danger: Islamic Terrorism.