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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Imaginary Carbon Credit

An e-mailer from Warren, Michigan asked me if I knew anything about carbon credits. I do in fact know a lot about them and how ludicrous it is they have their own market on the stock exchange. I will explain them using the example of donated cars in California. It used to be the owners of old cars could donate them to a charity and take blue book value off their taxes. In recent times the old vehicle has to be running or in a condition to be made to run for a short time so it can be tested. The charity in turn gave over the vehicles to be tested on a dynamometer so the readings in CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), NO2 (Oxides of Nitrogen or NOx), SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) and HC (Hydrocarbon) emissions could be read and noted on the dynamometer. A very lucrative projection in carbon credit savings would then be made and the imaginary tonnage of emissions saved by taking the vehicle off the road would be sold at emissions credit trading auctions to companies being blackmailed for their carbon footprint.

At one point when they forced dynamometer testing down the throats of us auto repair places doing smog testing I joined Cantor Emissions Trading back in 1996 on the Internet so I could track how much the credits were trading for. At one point No2 (NOx) traded for $36,000 per imaginary projected ton in the Bay Area. Because some of us pointed out California seemed to be forcing dynamometer testing so as to get a freebie testing procedure for emissions credit projections, emissions trading places like Cantor changed their names and went underground. Now, Cantor calls itself CantorCO2e. They do their auctions by sending e-mails to carbon credit investors in advance of auctions. They no longer post the going rates anymore.

If the media is finally forced to investigate this world wide carbon credit blackmail scam, I believe the people here in America will finally find out why so many of our Representatives and Senators are up to their eyeballs in protecting the global warming hoax. If the trading markets collapse in imaginary carbon credits, private citizens and businesses will reap the bounty of lowered costs for nearly everything. Our Senators and Reps, heavily invested or propped up by carbon credit trading, will take a big hit. If the books get opened on how many of these political hacks are taking campaign money from huckster carbon credit companies like Al Gore’s, the reason for their devotion to propagating the global warming scam would be very clear.

Remember folks, carbon credits are imaginary. No one makes a product called carbon credit. The way they calculate projected tonnage of imaginary carbon credits and other emissions trading gases is a scam in itself begging for investigation. Global Warming and Carbon Credit Trading are the perfect businesses for governments and politicians because they get to blackmail private enterprise with hot air, their only real product. We can win this, but we all have to remove our disaster goggles so we can see the forest for the trees.

Here’s another link to a carbon credit tax on the English people created by their benevolent ‘Committee on Climate Change’. They don’t even attempt to hide what they’re up to over there. At least our thieves in congress come up with cute names like ‘Cap & Trade’.


Bernita said...

Far-reaching, isn't it.

BernardL said...

If the media ever investigated the global warming hoax and carbon credit thievery as diligently as it follows Tiger Woods' personal life we'd be free of this scam by the end of the week, Bernita.

Charles Gramlich said...

There are quite a lot of imaginary things bought and sold. I wish I could get in on some of that.

BernardL said...

In reference to carbon credits, Charles, you can't get in on it because you're not a crook. A published short story anthology - yes, you definitely have a chance. :)

Rick said...

Hey Bernard! Really loved this post because it sounds like the background for a great plot! You ever think of including it in a suspense novel? If you're not going to use it, let me know.

Just a quick one, too. Since I make gasesous calibration standards for hazardous gas detection systems and analyzers, I caught the reference to N2O which is probably a typo, but I wanted to let you know in case you wanted to change it. N2O is nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The actual pollutant is NOx (total oxides of nitrogen). The two primary components NOX are NO2, and N2O4 (both deadly poisons). We had a guy once who mistook nitrogen dioxide for nitrous oxide and, well, things didn't turn out on the positive side.

You have a great blog here- straightforward and hard hitting.

BernardL said...

Thank you, Rick. That was my old man dyslexia acting up. :) You are welcome to the plot. I will continue to try and foil this real life carbon credit plot wherever I can, but I'm not sure I care to use it in my fiction. I would agree there are enough facts emerging in this to base a very strong plot-line on. It's remarkable Cantor holds their auction announcements in private e-mails compared with how they used to post all the going prices and transactions on their website. That alone points to more than a little worry about the carbon credit trading hoax balloon losing air. Thanks again for the timely correction.