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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Lab-Coats Are At It Again!

Since the East Anglia travesty of creating the worldwide scam of Global Warming is unraveling daily, the goofy folks in white lab coats are becoming hilarious. Remember in the late eighties and early nineties how they were pointing out holes in the ozone as portents of disaster for the atmosphere – they hushed up when it was proven holes in the ozone are naturally occurring phenomena. Now comes their latest news flash – Antarctica will melt if the ozone hole over it closes! Case closed, the science is settled, there’s a consensus – the notorious ozone holes are now vital for our survival!

In this article these chuckle-heads don’t even mention how absurd their community is in the eyes of the world after the shredders of East Anglia shredded their reputation. No sooner does one scientific farce get exposed then those whacky lab-coats invent another to take its place. I wonder how they plan on taxing us for the ozone hole closure – by the square foot or imaginary metric ton of diminishing hole.

You have to credit these Bozo’s with gigantic chutzpah. I hope from the great beyond P.T. Barnum is watching the science hucksters act out these comedic sting operations on us peons. It would be good if someone could laugh at this stuff without having to foot the bill for this daily disaster movie.


Bernita said...

Sometimes I think scientists view us all as a herd of buffalos. We do seem to stampede easily.

BernardL said...

That is a very good analogy, Bernita. I was thinking lemmings but the way many of the stampeding buffaloes lash out at the few of us not joining them in the melee makes your comparison more accurate. :)