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Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Global Warming Tool

We now have a new proposed tool for fighting the imaginary Earth destroying CO2 we pesky humans breathe out and plant life absorbs: population control like China’s. Straight from Copenhagen the new way to save the earth is to keep us ‘inconvenient’ bipeds off of it. Here’s the link to this new wonderful agenda -

I wonder if the United States will get some dispensation for the over a million abortions performed here every year. I know compared to horrific China we’re small time baby preventers but abortion has become an acceptable birth control method in the last couple decades in the US. The low estimate since 1973 is forty million less CO2 breathers. That’s only a tenth of what China has removed from the Global Warming hoax equation but it still means we’re trying to be as monstrous or earth saving (depending on moral outlook) as the Chinese Government is. When the 'One World Order' has confiscated the world’s wealth, decimated the populations and instituted worldwide totalitarianism without making a dent in anything to do with the sun’s rays, where will they turn next? I’ll bet it will be time to pull out the old eugenics files the Third Reich was kind enough to compile. I’m sure the old and infirm will be on the top of their list of… hey wait a damn minute… that’s me… uh oh…


Charles Gramlich said...

Although it shouldn't be through abortion certainly, I'm all for improved birth control through the use of contraceptives. Even if people weren't already a problem for the earth, if the population continues to grow they would become so.

BernardL said...

The Chinese Solution is all about abortion, Charles. The articles on their abortion handling facilities would beat any fictional horror novel or movie ever. Remember, contraception does not produce countable numbers. Only the little CO2 breathers ended go into the 40 & 400 mil for the US & China respectively, which are abortion numbers not the number of times a condom or birth control pill was used. Also, infanticide in the form of partial birth abortion is a regular practice in China and we have monsters here in this country still trying to get it legal again here. Population control through force is not birth control. It's murder. The horrific part of this article is tying population control into the Global Warming hoax.