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Monday, December 14, 2009

Copenhagen Reprieve

The great Copenhagen money grab may be suspended for six years. It appears the ‘Developed’ nations are seeing Holy Global Warming as wealth distribution – their wealth. They don’t like it. The ‘Undeveloped’ nations lashed out because they see their opportunity to steal money under the Holy Global Warming banner fading before their eyes. Although this great news does nothing to halt the scam completely, it will at least slow down the worldwide totalitarian enforcement of this myth of manmade global warming. It won’t stop our congressional reps here in the United States as they continue to cash in on their private investments in the bogus carbon credit trading markets with ‘Cap & Trade’, but it might act as a baseline against these thieves on election day.

I also want to point out a particularly repulsive member of Al Gore’s Holy Global Warming crew. He is Dr. Stephen Schneider, who at the time he predicted a coming ice age in 1978 was employed as a climatologist working for the National Center for Atmospheric Research. He is now associated with Stanford University and is a member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change along with being Al Gore’s chief Global Warming alarmist. Want to bet how heavily this guy is involved in carbon credit trading?


Charles Gramlich said...

He first predicted an ice age and now global warming. sounds like a hired gun with no scruples.

BernardL said...

He'll be ready when they switch from Global Warming to the coming ice age again, Charles. All the charts and graphs have been in his closet for thirty years but a little dusting and he'll be ready to guide us into the next planetary disaster. :)