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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gitmo And Security Insanity

I’m sure most of you know they let a second Nigerian on another flight with no luggage in Amsterdam – the exact same flight number from the same place as the Nigerian on Christmas day. Supposedly the man claimed sickness and was up and down to the lavatory, not an uncommon occurrence – except when you factor in the Christmas Day attempted terrorism. Geniuses are still allowing suspicious people with no luggage on an intercontinental flight, who pay cash for a one-way ticket and cannot answer questions as to why they’re flying to the US, board an airliner. With the Israeli method of airline security, this clown would never have been allowed to board in the first place.

On to the second point of this potentially cataclysmic comedy – although reported as a simple misunderstanding involving in flight sickness, most news accounts leave out the fact the flight crew broke into the lavatory after this moron refused to respond after an hour and restrained him. The FBI arrested him in Detroit but supposedly released him from custody to his connection traveling to an undesignated destination. HUH! First off, I admit, there’s no proof they ever released him. That’s what I’m hoping. If they did release him, what the hell are they doing, lending a hand in forming new terrorist cells in the US? Now the terrorists know multiple trips to the bathroom and a full hour can be utilized without interference even when you are a suspicious person of the same nationality as a man in an attempted airliner terrorist act only two days later. Al Qaeda can add that bit of information into the handbook along with their previous chapters of being able to stock planes with young Middle Eastern jerks with cellphones (possible detonators) who terrorize flights without interference.

We need to keep Gitmo open and get water-boarding back on track. When we capture guys like the Christmas Day Bomber, put him on a flight to Gitmo ASAP for his scheduled water-boarding treatments. Those special spa treatments work. They save thousands of lives as when they water-boarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and he gave up every terrorist plot in his repertoire. I don’t care one lick whether the subjects don’t appreciate our information gathering methods. It’s simple – if you don’t want to get water-boarded and sent to Gitmo then don’t perpetrate terrorist acts on the United States.

Gitmo is a state of the art terrorist prison where terrorist jackals are treated better than our own troops. And for God’s sake let’s quit releasing them. Two of Abdulmutallab’s cohorts in Yemen were former Gitmo inmates we released into Saudi control, a country where sixteen of the 9/11 hijackers hail from along with Osama Bin Laden. In January of this year the Pentagon announced 61 former Gitmo inmates were back on the terror circuit. Something is very wrong with this picture. We only have prisoner exchanges when a war is over. We certainly shouldn’t be sending the damn Gitmo inmates and their enemy sympathizer lawyers from the ACLU to Illinois so they can torture us. I will reiterate a point I’ve made in the past. Enemy combatants and non US citizens do not have Constitutional rights. Contrary to what the New York Times and the ACLU claim, the Constitution does not grant them anything! The Constitution as many have said before is not a suicide pact!


Charles Gramlich said...

I don't think I know enough details of the story to truly comment. Gotta read up on it more.

BernardL said...

It's a comedy of errors with horrendous portent, Charles. The goofiest and most mind boggling part is releasing these terrorists from Gitmo and watching them join back up to kill American troops and plot stuff like the Christmas Day attempt - 61 by Pentagon's last count in Jan 2009. I hope President Obama rethinks the Gitmo move and decides to never release anymore terrorists from Gitmo. I know Bush caved to pressure and bad advice in releasing those others but it was a stupid blunder he will have to take responsibility for. Sucking up to Muslim advocacy groups is going to get us killed just as surely as our porous borders and idiot security chiefs like Napolitano.