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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Polar Bears and the Hockey Stick

The amazing number of facts people have to ignore to believe in Holy Global Warming while they hold their hands alternately over their ears and eyes are increasing exponentially. One of the most ferocious predators known to man is the polar bear, which is also one of the reasons it was nearly hunted to extinction by 1940. Their number dwindled to 5,000 because they have a nasty habit of eating anything that moves, including people. It had nothing to do with retreating arctic ice. Since then, much to the dismay of their main food source (ringed, bearded, harp, and hooded seals) their numbers have increased to between 20,000 to 25,000. The leading expert on polar bears, Dr Mitchell Taylor, was black balled from the Copenhagen hoax parade because his views on polar bear numbers and Holy Global Warming do not fall in line with the Acolytes of the new religion.

I liked watching the polar bear commercial where they share a Coke with their real life ‘Happy Meals’, the seals, as much as anyone. I’ve also watched the Discovery Channel where the mother polar bear has to hide her offspring because the daddy polar bear will eat it to make mommy go into heat again. Holy Global Warming acolyte or not, it might be time to at least remove the Coke colored glasses when viewing these cuddly eating machines.

Nasa admitted the arctic ice refroze at record rates this year – not that satellite records on arctic ice dating back only to 1979 mean much in global history, unless of course they show the ice melting. Then the news hits every media outlet in the country. As you will read in this article, although admitting to the record refreeze Nasa negates the good news with old and new ice crapolla as they twist and turn to keep alive their Holy Global Warming cash cow. They also hid the fact during last winter the ice returned to 1979 levels. An underestimated 193,000 square miles of ice was largely ignored by the media and the Holy Global Warming Acolytes.

Here’s a very good article from the UK on the Michael Mann ‘Hockey Stick’ temperature graph that Canadian scientists Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick put the lie to. Their work should have been the last straw in this massive fraud but by then the Holy Global Warming religion with its Huckster Priest Al Gore was already established with millions of acolytes worshiping the big lie.

If people want to worship at the Holy Global Warming altar, hug a tree or a polar bear (for a second before the bear makes them into a tasty treat) I’m all for it. When their religion will be taxing me, my kids, and my grandkids for time immemorial while destroying the United States economy, I’m not going to ignore the biggest fraud in world history.


Bernita said...

Holy Global Warming, Batman!
It has become a religion.

BernardL said...

It has indeed, Bernita - a very costly one for us non-believers.

Middle Ditch said...

Firstly, thank you for sending me your manuscript. I will make time over the Christmas holidays to have a good read.

Secondly, we are due for a climate change and whatever we try to do to stop it wont work. Mother Nature (it seems) said enough is enough. Let's get rid of those nasty little creatures who try to rule the roost.

The problem is, of course, that those high and mighty, who rule us, have cottoned on and reap in the taxes levied upon us. (hurray!! more money for us!!)


BernardL said...

You have it exactly right, MD. Although us puny humans can't do anything about it, we're going to be robbed anyway just for effect. :)

No deadline on the reading, MD. Read it at your leisure. Thanks for commenting on it when I had it on the blog.

Matthew Nowlin said...

Bernard, I'm guessing you've heard (you might have mentioned this, but I skim over this stuff because it makes me mad) that the Polar Bears that drowned did so because of a storm, and that polar bears are actually strong swimmers?

BernardL said...

I am very familiar with how mad these con artists can make you, Matthew. The lies have been repeated so often, they've become accepted fact. Polar Bears follow their food. They're not fleeing Global Warming. They do get caught in storms while pursuing their nomadic ways. Here's a quote about polar bears from the New Hampshire public TV and their link.

'The polar bear is nomadic. It travels to find its food. It often follows seals as they migrate south. The polar ear usually travels alone and stays near the water's edge. It is a very good swimmer and spends a lot of time in the water hunting for seals. The polar bear can swim as far as 60 miles without resting and can swim at speeds of up to six miles an hour. It can dive to depths of 15 feet and can stay under water for about two minutes.'