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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prophesying Disaster - The New Con

Here’s a ‘We’re Doomed’ article from the San Francisco Chronicle. The comments are the most entertaining part. The people commenting are not buying it and they are very funny in their remarks. I guess we’re not the same old sheep as before East Anglia.

Over the next few months the government leaders, carbon credit traders, and all the lab coats making a living from ‘Hiding The Decline’ will be prophesying every cataclysmic planetary tragedy they can think of to keep the carbon credit market from tanking. As in the past every natural phenomena including ice storms and freezing temperatures will be blamed on manmade Global Warming. The way they spin this hoax is the stuff of legend. Only one problem – the people aren’t buying it anymore.


Bernita said...

Popular eschatology has a certain adrenalin junkie tone to it.

BernardL said...

That's a good one, Bernita. It is a little like the joke about older folks running to get the paper but throwing aside everything but the obituaries in order to find out who they outlived. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I think there have always been folks who make hay out of scaring others that it's doomsday. Now they just are able to reach wider audiences.

BernardL said...

And there's a whole lot more money in it too, Charles. :)

whydibuy said...

With the uncontrolled disemination of info via the internet, its much more difficult to manipulate the massses.
Today, rather than Al Gore and his liberal media brownnoses controlling the data shown, you and I can go to national science institution websites and see what real scientific investigations are discovering.

And what they are learning is that there is no real proof that the Earths climate has done anything out of the range its been in since weather has been recorded.

Yes, Al Gore and his followers are still trying to spin the data but these days they have a formidable opposition getting equal visability via the web.

The whole idea that man is changing this planet in a dramatic way smacks of a superiority complex by the global warming bunch. The idea that there are far larger forces at work on the Earth's weather seems to elude them. The main premise they live by is that the Earth is a absolutely stabile planet that never ever varies. All they have to do is ignore all geological and astrological history uncovered.
For ex., I read that there are sea organisms that thrive in cold and those that like it warm. Like a fossilized thermometer they reveal climates from the past. Drilling cores from the ocean floor scientists have discovered that over the milleniums, there have been warm eras and cold eras as seen by the layers of fossilized organisms there. Why, scientists don't exactly know. But it always has and they have the proof to show.
Likewise, Al's premise requires the Sun to be totally unchanging. Astronomers can prove that the Sun also varies from time to time with bursts of heat and / or cooler spells totally inexplicable at this time. And if the Sun suddenly has what astronomers call a superflare, it may only be a momentary blip to the Sun in its 5 bil year life so far, but it would be a catastrophe to humankind. And, Al, it would have had nothing to do with humans.
I have confidence that the new generations are becoming more scientificly inclined and will demand proof for the scare concepts. Therein lies our hope that fanaticism gets stymied.

BernardL said...

I share your hope, whydibuy for more perceptive scientific evaluation from now on. It is too bad East Anglia dumped all the base data they collected. They had the most comprehensive collection of raw climate data in the world, which was why everyone else began basing projections on their flawed models. The key is as you stated - the sun.