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Friday, January 15, 2010

A Warning

I got kind of a perverse laugh out of this article on a 150 Muslim clerics in Yemen signing a petition stating they will declare jihad if we attack Yemen. That remark seems much like someone smacking you in the face and then warning you not to retaliate because you’ll get slapped in the face. The Christmas Bomber tells us he trained at an Al Qaeda camp in Yemen before trying to blow up a plane load of passengers, many of whom were Americans. I guess we’re supposed to wait until they manage to actually blow another plane out of the sky, slaughtering hundreds of our citizens and then arrange a meeting so they can tell us why they hate us and why it’s all our fault.

And a few cartoons about the coming debacle of civilian trials for terrorists - insanity on a scale too stupid for words.  


Bernita said...

The only types "attacking Yemen" as far as I know are Al Queda and the odd fed-up Saudi.

BernardL said...

Yemen is becoming the new Al Qaeda training facility, Bernita. I believe the Clerics are mistaken in thinking we'll be sending troops to invade them. I think if they keep sending people to blow up our planes they may get a response from 20,000 feet.