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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Losing The Best Health Care In The World

I’m going to break down the theory health care is a right rather than a commodity. Kangaroos don’t work in the health care system, people do. Those people have families, bills, and their own health care problems just like the rest of us. Socialized medicine advocates argue the point that after we’ve allowed our present best in the world health care to be destroyed, we’ll all receive equal treatment. If anyone out there truly believes that, please stop reading this post now because you are too naïve for reasoning the issue intelligently. Let’s take two of my entrepreneurial and marketing idols to illustrate my point: Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. I do not envy them. I respect their achievements. I do not want to steal from them or make them pay more taxes. Never am I going to get the same health care as they and their families do, no matter what the government mandates – nor will I even get the same health care as our corrupt congress does as they destroy our health system while leaving theirs intact. My point is once we’ve allowed the same governmental bozos wrecking everything they touch to tear apart our best of class health care system we peons will have less - and the fortunate among us who still have jobs will be paying more for the ‘less’.

IMO health care is not an entitlement any more than owning a car or a house is. Health care workers are not slaves who should be forced to provide extensive labor to people and governments as a political tool to soothe the minds of people more willing to buy big screen TV’s and new cars rather than pay their health insurance bill. If a person wants good health care, that person should work and pay for good solid coverage. If they want to gamble on not becoming ill, then their gamble should not be paid for with my tax money – or Bill and Oprah’s tax money. In the US, no person (unfortunately this includes illegal aliens) can be turned away at our hospital emergency rooms for medical treatment. Emergency health care is available here for everyone already. I was asked once an anecdotal question on a forum what I thought would happen if an illegal alien child from Mexico was hit by a car in East LA. I answered the child would be treated under our federal law and that if the child was at home in Mexico that child would not have been hit by a car in East LA in the first place. Our porous borders have done more to damage our citizens’ perception of the country’s health care system than anything else. I say perception, because even with its flaws, the United States still has provably the best health care system in the world.

The fact I don’t want the United States to become a socialist cesspool of mediocrity matters not. Our elected officials are hell bent on stripping anything resembling our country’s golden history of individual fortitude, courage, and self-reliance to forge a new nanny state of irresponsible sheep. Our congressional leaders do it so as to buy votes with each newly acquired gift they give away as if they pay for it themselves. Bankrupting our country both monetarily and morally gives our congressional weasels not a second’s pause. They care more about posturing and arm waving over the global warming scam then they do about defeating Islamo terrorists. It is the height of ignorance to believe they give a wit about our health care. It’s about control.

Ever wonder why we can buy term life insurance in huge sums for next to nothing? It’s because there is portability across state lines for life insurance. A life insurance company like Physician’s Mutual can provide life insurance to anyone in the country. Competition drives down the price and even I can have a $100,000 policy for less than $250 a year at age sixty. If health insurers here in California like Kaiser or Sutter Health could compete with all other health insurers in every state, competition would drive the price down. Portability would make a difference. Stir in Tort reform harnessing the damn lawyers and our health care system would still be the best in the world and a hell of a lot cheaper. This won’t sit well with government of course because they would be out of the health care business where they can grant favors for votes and control like potentates from on high.

In any case here is a brilliant article on what we have and what we will lose by Mark B. Contantian in the Wall Street Journal.


Bernita said...

Since I apparently live in "socialist cesspool of mediocrity" it's not for me to make any further comment!

BernardL said...

Only in socialized medicine, Bernita. We've already followed in nearly all other aspects of socialism. As Mr. Constantian points out in the article I linked - "We have the shortest waiting time for nonemergency surgery in the world; England has one of the longest. In Canada, a country of 35 million citizens, 1 million patients now wait for surgery and another million wait to see specialists." If my wife were in either England or Canada she wouldn't be walking.