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Friday, January 29, 2010

Osama Joins The Goracle

The probably dead terrorist scum, Osama bin Laden, has sent another audio tape to the terrorist news agency Al-Jazeera from beyond the grave condemning the USA for Global Warming. If there was ever a reason to stop believing in Al Goracle and his Man-made Global Warming Mafia, this is it. Goracle must be very proud to have such a noted climatologist coming on board the carbon credit extortion boat with him and the rest of his band of thieves. Since the Cap & Trade, Carbon Credit Trading extortion market is economic terrorism, Goracle and the rest of his acolytes do fit the mold.

Since I believe bin Laden was praying for a little Global Warming one very cold night in Tora Bora when one of our bombers sent him to hell, I doubt he's making any audio tapes. The barf reflex kicks in though when I read about terrorist propagandists calling for Global Warming retribution. This reminds me of when Gorbachev and the rest of his merry band of expatriate commies hopped aboard the 'Green' band wagon. They don't call Gorby the 'Watermelon Man' for nothing.

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