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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sharia Law

A young woman vacationing in Dubai from the UK reported being raped to the police. They arrested her and her fiancé along with the rapist. The couple now face trial and a possible six years in prison for breaking Dubai's very stiff laws about sexual intercourse outside of marriage and alcohol use. This young lady made some bad choices, beginning with her choice of places to celebrate being engaged. The couple realized too late at the police station the police were more interested in finding out about their living arrangements than they were in arresting the rapist. There are more far reaching consequences to this story even if the couple are set free. The young woman is a British Muslim which means she will be in danger of an 'honor killing' by her family if she returns to the UK. Sharia law is now the most widely used religious law in the world.



Bernita said...


BernardL said...

I think we can scratch Dubai off most UK's vacationers' lists, Bernita. I hope the young woman's parents are not ones who can be pressured into the 'honor killing' mode. An Arizona Muslim father ran over his own daughter in a parking lot here in the US because she was too 'Westernized'. He'd have probably wiped out his entire family over something like the 'Dubai vacation' of the UK couple.