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Sunday, January 3, 2010

FDA dupes Interpol

Knowing how people read the New York Times and immediately assume they’ve investigated something thoroughly, I easily found another recent example of how an Interpol most wanted listing was abused. Our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) managed to bypass extradition proceedings to have a US citizen living in Ecuador brought to the US under an Interpol most wanted listing. Here is a quote from the article with the link to the story below it. When Interpol acts it won’t be a harmless database search as the Times claims because Interpol has no agents. It won’t be some foreign speaking, bearded guy from the French Foreign Legion arresting people under Interpol auspices in the United States. The arrest will be done by familiar local law enforcement under Interpol direction without oversight. Under the amendment to Executive Order 12425, Interpol’s warrants, charges, and evidence is now protected under diplomatic immunity.

“The Interpol listing was the key to getting Greg Caton arrested and illegally deported from Ecuador, without the U.S. engaging in any sort of formal extradition process as required by international law. In essence, the United States of America kidnapped Greg Caton, denied him his civil liberties under Ecuadorian law (and even perhaps under U.S. law), and illegally transported him out of Ecuador against the demands of an Ecuadorian judge.”

Canada Free Press reporter Barry Napier breaks down the intricacies of allowing Interpol immunity from oversight very well in this article. You won’t have to wear a tinfoil hat to envision how many ways the consequences from amending Executive Order 12425 can be dangerously misused against political opponents. Just the threat of being listed by Interpol can have a chilling affect on free speech.


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Yes, Bernita, the implications of action by Interpol without oversight are scary indeed. I wish the United States Congress would stop abdicating their constitutional responsibility and protect our sovereignty instead of worrying about man-made global warming.