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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ignoring Our Fifth Column Traitors

I’m writing about the picture above. This T-shirt was worn by nine students at Edsel Ford High School in Dearbornistan, Michigan ( ). They were given a good talking to for wearing something in bad taste. HUH? These ‘students’ are all of Arab/American descent. Well, you can cross off the American part. To me, these kids are potential fifth column terrorists. Their parents are already embedded. They didn’t get the attitude for the t-shirt from the news. They got it at home. Their parents never assimilated and they spread the same poison at home as any terrorist camp in Yemen.

My second example is a clown from my home state of Ohio who called out he wanted to kill all the Jews on a Delta flight ( ). He was arrested of course and his son says he has ‘bipolar disorder’. Crapolla! He charged the cops and they Tased him, bro. The FBI immediately claimed the incident wasn’t terrorist related. It sure as hell is! Now the news maker on explosives is the ‘butt bomb’ ( ). Forget the damn full body scanners because they can’t detect it anyway. Profiling works! There is no way we’ll be able to protect ourselves if an imbecile like the Toledo, Ohio guy or one of those ‘students’ or any other Islamist fifth column traitor decides to become a ‘butt bomber’ other than profiling techniques like the Israeli’s use. Even then we’re in trouble. Pretending all the supposedly peaceful Islamic schools and Mosques in this country aren’t spawning enemies of our nation is a joke! Here are a few cartoons with our security forces in action.


Charles Gramlich said...

I guess I'm not completely getting the meaning of the t-shirt. At first glance it looked pro American to me. Showing the towers and the plane with the line "you can't bring us down." What am I missing?

BernardL said...

You didn't read the article, Charles. The school tried to play it down but the other parents and students knew what the hell it meant. The hawk flying into the eleven representing the twin towers can't be brought down. The 2011 is a warning they're coming again and we can't stop them.