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Friday, January 1, 2010

Interpol As A Weapon

I’m quoting this section from the Interpol site. This may be what the amendment of Executive Order #12425 is about in part. Environmental crime can be anything they want it to be or the host country wants it to be. I realize the following quote will be just what the doctor ordered for many. Since I know China and Russia will not submit to this crap and they are the biggest polluters on the planet, the only thing this environmental farce enforcement will mean is as a political weapon and extortion. Sharing data amongst the world’s law enforcement agencies is a good thing. Ceding sovereignty of the United States over to a global network is insanity, especially with an inane category of environmental criminals list. They’ll probably be hiring that guy newly out of a job from East Anglia’s Research Center to start compiling the database. This is not an innocent gambit by President Obama. There will be far reaching consequences for people and organizations he considers as opposition with this new tool to wield without oversight.

“Environmental crime is any breach of a national or international environmental law or treaty that exists to ensure the conservation and sustainability of the world’s environment, biodiversity, or natural resources. Examples of this type of crime include poaching and trafficking of wildlife and the illegal emission of pollutants into waterways or the air.

INTERPOL’s Environmental Crime Program assists its 188 member countries in the effective enforcement of national and international environmental laws and treaties in order to contribute to the ongoing conservation of the world’s environment, biodiversity and natural resources. Crimes against the environment are a serious international problem that can both directly or indirectly affect a nation’s economy, security, or very survival. The impact can be felt in many ways, ranging from the depletion of natural resources to the destruction of habitat, and from the extinction of species to human fatalities.

Environmental criminals often stand to gain high profits at a low risk from their activities. Increased coordination in investigation, additional resources, and effective deterrents are essential in order to combat the problem.”

Found here -

Here is a bizarre quote from Interpol after adding ten Swedish Kurds onto their most wanted list on Iranian accusations:

“In an e-mail statement to The Associated Press, Interpol said it would be "inappropriate" to comment on the details of individual cases, but pointed out it is not its role to assess the evidence of cases.” HUH?

The shining example of how Interpol can be used as a political tool can be found in this article concerning the above mentioned Swedish citizens singled out by one of the most dangerous regimes in the world. It’s not a stretch to come up with a few names President Obama would like on an Interpol list.


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