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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Al Gore - Carbon Credit Inventor

With the developing connections between the European Union and Interpol for prosecuting imaginary carbon crimes now going hand in hand with President Obama granting immunity to the international organization, I wanted to catch up on man-made global warming scam news. In spite of outing East Anglia’s research facility which supplied the corrupt UN with all their phony base data, while shredding the original research from other global climate stations to protect their carbon credit trading criminal enterprise, the USA and European Union are still trying to tax people as if this were a pre-East Anglia time period. In addition, they’ve paved the way for Interpol without oversight to police the man-made global warming rip-off along with the rest of their extortion rackets. I figured a UK Telegraph link with another carbon credit fraud and some Al Gore cartoons would be a pick me up today.


Bernita said...

"A disturbance in the farce..."

Vesper said...

I like the cartoon with the polar bears... :-) :-) :-)

BernardL said...

The 'polar bears' and the 'farce' are my favorites too. :) Gore dispensing carbon offsets for bucks to the 'consumer' wasn't bad either.

The quote about carousel fraud in the Telegraph's article should be a cartoon:

"Carousel fraud has been a known scam for years among mobile commodities, such as phones, computer chips and cigarettes.

But the attraction of carbon permits is their intangible nature, so there is no need physically to ship goods across borders. All is done at the click of a mouse."

Intangible is right - imaginary is better. Interpol, or whatever country pulls their strings, will have an easy time picking targets in this scam. One day's carbon credit can be another day's fraud in an instant. :)