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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama... See Ya'

'Osama bin Laden was killed by a bullet fired by a United States Navy SEAL during a 40-minute helicopter assault on a fortified compound'

Oh Hell Yeah! 


Charles Gramlich said...

Been a long time coming.

BernardL said...

Yes it has, Charles. May he rot in hell! I know how risky this operation was, but I'm glad they went in and brought him out. They used women in the compound as human shields, which puts the final note on what a great warrior he was. Instead of just dumping him in the ocean, they should have put him in a waterproof coffin filled with pig guts.

raine said...

Found I had mixed feelings (which surprised me).
Couldn't find it in myself to "celebrate" anyone's death, exactly.
But he was a violent creature without conscience, & yes, I'm glad he's gone.
I only wish we could honor the guys who went in there and did such an incredible job. Boys, I'd like to buy you a drink. You kicked ass.

BernardL said...

No mixed feelings here, Raine. Unfortunately, we can't know the identities of the guys who took him out. With the active fifth column we have here in the states, they and their families' lives would be immediately in jeopardy. Like you, I wish we could know.