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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taliban Repression in Londonistan

In the Tower Hamlets of Londonistan, Islamist Taliban type repression threads its way into open attacks on the inhabitants still resisting the camel’s nose under the tent takeover of their city Takeover. While women, gays, and non-cooperating Muslims become everyday victims of verbal and physical abuse, the Islamists cry out ‘Islamaphobia’ whenever protests against the creeping stench try to halt the silent jihad. British citizens fed up with this nonsense watch as their police and politicians turn a blind eye to their subjugation. They endure the usual epithets of ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobe’ while cowering in the streets of their own country to jihadists from foreign lands. Any American who thinks this type of crap can’t happen here better start paying attention to our own Detroitistan and Dearbornistan where exactly what’s in the later stages of development in Britain have already begun.

It is past time to demand our government grifters stop pandering to the silent jihad seedlings sprouting up in America. We don’t need an Islamic outreach. America already has religious freedom. We also have separation of church and state, which our politicians seem hell bent on making the Islamists an exception to. The Second Amendment gives us an advantage over the poor subservient British with their way of life under violent siege, but for how long? Between Mexican drug lord armies already having conquered our Southern borderland and the massive influx of non-assimilating Middle Eastern hordes already here, I’m wondering if the rest of us aren’t already looking the camel in the eye with its hooves on our chests. Please, if you’re silently wondering the same thing, don’t bow your head to the government/media elite labeling you a racist because you don’t wish to live under the Taliban. We are not Islamaphobes for wishing to retain our way of life. If the politicians don’t wake up to the fact they have to enforce the laws of our lands on Islamists, they’ll soon find out we’re not in fear of Islam and the breaking point they push us past will end up in crushing Islam.


whydibuy said...

Take heart, Bernard.

The U.S. is unique in the world and its people are aggressive.

What is going on in Dearbornistan is very much being resisted, trust me.

Sure, they know how to play the racist accusation game, but who doesn't? Its a tactic thats seen through these days. And we have freedom of speech as you demonstrate here. In France, you could get arrested for just such a viewpoint. It would be considered hate speech and you would be facing prosecution.

BernardL said...

I'm glad to read there is a resistance to this plague, whydibuy. There is no more dangerous enemy than one who smiles and lies to your face before plunging the knife in your back the moment you turn around.