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Saturday, April 30, 2011


When Islamists go to war against each other as in Syria Mosque Attack, they don’t fool around with protecting the sanctity of religious houses – mostly because they know other murderous brethren will use the mosques as staging grounds for attacks. I’ll give the monsters credit – at least they know you can’t win a war with your hands tied behind your back. If we’d waged war against the Islamists as they wage it against each other we would have the hearts and minds of the Muslim world with us right now – or they’d be dead. Instead, we have fifth column terrorist sympathizers in our media and government with no idea whose side they’re on, busily making America a safe haven for terrorists, while turning our own citizens’ lives inside out with agencies like Homeland Security. Headed by the most incompetent boob in American history, Janet (Barney Fife) Napolitano, the agency has progressed from stopping terrorist infiltrators to aiding them while installing pat-downs for five-year-olds at airports. Along with her cohort at CIA and now in the Pentagon, Leon (Cut The Military But Save C.A.I. R.) Panetta, I figure America will have to rely on divine intervention to survive.

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