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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Death of King Rat

It has been a whacky couple of days following the news of Navy Seal Team Six’s takedown of Osama bin Laden. The majority of Americans celebrated, and many did so with exuberance. The comparisons of those joyous Americans to the September 12th, 2001 sub-human, ululating voices in the Arab Street, cheering the fiery deaths of thousands of innocents is an insult in every sense of the word. Not only can’t regular Americans take a few moments to exalt in a nearly flawless military triumph, but now the media and all the armchair generals have to dissect every nuance about how it took place.

In light of that insanity, let’s look at what was overcome. The treacherous rat hid out in a villa right next to a military complex, under the very noses of our supposed Pakistani partners in the terror war. President Obama vetoed a missile strike inside another sovereign nation, because he knew even if there was no collateral damage, the Pakistanis would have hauled out every dead body in the surrounding cemeteries claiming they were killed in the strike. Secondly, and most importantly, he wanted DNA and proof positive we got the rat. Thirdly, no one wanted the rat taken alive for a host of reasons only rose colored glasses wearing idiots can’t understand. Another major obstacle in the decision, that nitwits are calling hesitancy on President Obama’s part to take sixteen hours to give the go ahead on the operation – they didn’t even know for certain the rat would be there.

The bad stuff that could have happened was monumental. Word could have leaked and the Pakistani military could have been waiting. Helicopters carrying our guys could have crashed and burned – one did with luckily no casualties. The whole compound could have been rigged for explosives. Last, but not least, the King Rat may not have been there. I’d say sixteen hours of contemplation was like a split second decision when you factor in all the elements.

Okay, here we go. President Obama orders the strike. Navy Seal Team Six arrives on schedule without detection and serves up one of the most satisfying kill operations in recorded history. They exit the area with King Rat’s body and a treasure trove of Al Qaeda information bounty. In spite of what the Seals knew would happen if they left witnesses, they did not kill anyone they could avoid killing. They left King Rat’s wife and daughter to wail about OBL not being armed and how shattered their lives were now. Oh barf! Anyway, the Seals could have left no other side of the story, but instead they left all the little rats intact – because they’re Americans. The Islamists would have butchered everyone, like they did that family in Israel where they even slit the baby’s throat.

So, the operation succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and America took to the streets in wild jubilation – all but the sack cloth and ashes, breast beating, flagellant crowd, who also equate the execution of murderers as heinous, but the infanticide of partial birth abortion a logical choice. Well, here’s my take. Great fracking job! I don’t care if they executed King Rat on his knees begging for mercy. I also don’t care what King Rat’s little rats and wife rat say about the details of his death. I most definitely applaud all those Americans who celebrated this victory without guilt. Please, if you feel so bad for King Rat, go start the canonization process for his sainthood… but do it somewhere in private. As for me, I plan on enjoying the moment.


Charles Gramlich said...

When such operations go this smoothly it goes a long way toward helping sustain the view of America's military might as unsurpassed.

BernardL said...

Agreed, Charles. Welcome to hell, Osama. You asked for it. You got it.

Vesper said...

I agree, Bernard. The right punishment should come to all criminals. However I can't stop wondering why they had to bury him at sea...

BernardL said...

I believe they didn't want to allow the rat a resting spot where the Islamists could build a memorial, Vesper. I like to think of him as shark bait though.