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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Son of a... Rat

Apparently, we need Seal Team Six to exterminate a few more Bin Laden rats. In this article, one of OBL’s sons wants to sue the USA for his Pop Rat’s death Omar. Omar is based out of London, and is married to a British pole dancer. Since OBL got dropped off with Sponge Bob, there have been demonstrations in Britain protesting King Rat’s demise. Since numerous Al Qaeda terrorists seem to pop in and out of Londonistan with impunity while mouthing death threats at the rest of the world, it makes me wonder about Britain’s approach to the terror war. Then again, we have Detroitistan on our side of the pond. Word to the wise, Omar – shut your fracking mouth before you get a ‘midnight at the oasis’ visit from the men in black.

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