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Thursday, December 16, 2010


The grim ‘Reaper’ is coming to eventually replace Predators in the Air Force arsenal Reaper. It can fly faster, higher, and carry 2 tons of payload (ten times that of the Predator). With the incredible success they’ve had with the Predator, news of this new more powerful drone should give our enemies a few nightmares. Imagine being spotted from 50,000 feet as you arrive in your cave dwelling for a meeting with other Islamists plotting to strap a bomb on another kid and march him into a crowded market place. You no sooner sit down on murderers’ row when the ‘Reaper’ arrives with a GBU-38 precision bomb or next generation hellfire missile, the AGM-114 to tune you and your crew up for the last time. Oh yeah!

I have a retirement idea in mind for the Predator. We can use them to fix our border problem with the Mexican Drug Cartels. It’s war down there. I wonder how many more of our border patrol agents have to be killed before we start treating it like one.


Charles Gramlich said...

I don't think I could write a modern techno thriller. Too much fancy tech stuff out there now to keep up with.

BernardL said...

I like keeping up on the military weapon advances, Charles, for peace of mind with all the whackos in the world. Another great breakthrough they've made is with the 'Railgun' where the advancement in tech has made it so the gun will be a devastating weapon when fired from any surface ship.