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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ramon Castillo - Hero

Here’s a real life hero, Ramon Castillo, who used his Second Amendment right to save his wife and himself from three monsters. Although wounded a half dozen times, Mr. Castillo killed his three attackers who were going to execute him and his wife in their store. I know his actions saved future lives because those three low life thugs were only beginning. Thanks to Mr. Castillo they won’t be reaching their full monstrous potential. This terrifying account of what happened is a true profile in courage. Judgment Day


Charles Gramlich said...

Thank, goodness, man. Three scumballs who won't be ruining anyone else's lives.

whydibuy said...

No doubt this GOOD story about guns ( among many thousands ) won't get any nationwide distribution.

Of course the one time a child screws up with daddys means of self protection, it'll be on every newscast and in every newspaper.

The internet has sure demonstrated how the mass media plays their anti gun agenda to the public with both trumpeting of certain stories and the omission or suppression of others.

BernardL said...

Amen to that, Charles.

You are absolutely correct, whydibuy. If the media covers this story at all it will be about why these poor souls' lives were ended when Ramon viciously took the law into his own hands. Mr. Castillo made sure there would only be only one side of this story. Oh yeah!