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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fire and Lies

A couple of members in the religion of peace firebombed a UK pub but the idiots ended up firebombing themselves Moron. One threw bricks to break the pub’s window while the other scumbag intended to pitch his bomb through the broken window. He caught his cohort instead who burst into flame unfortunately only for a moment and then ran into a lamp post. They caught him when he sought help for his head wound at a medical center. One lesson to be learned from this on a serious note – the article points out how red-handed this Amir Ali was caught with undeniable forensic evidence and yet he continued to lie throughout. It is encouraged to lie to the infidel by practitioners of Islam using verses never meant to okay dissemination – the verses used covered avoiding torture by hiding your religion in ancient times - Taqiyah. The term and original purpose have been expanded by Islamists to make lying to the infidel acceptable. Our state department might want to keep that in mind… but of course they never do.


Charles Gramlich said...

Seems a lot of religious people aren't very bothered by lying in service to their faith. Even Martin Luther said that God would forgive a good lie, one told in the service of one's faith. Whereever it comes from, it's pretty disgusting.

BernardL said...

It's actually a disservice to their faith in this instance, Charles. They took verses meant to ease the suffering of Muslims being tortured because of their faith in ancient pagan times and perverted them to mean lie to any and all non believers. Unfortunately, we in the here and now have to deal with the perverters of Islam.

It's interesting you mention Martin Luther because in addition to the phrase you relate to him he was also a virulent antisemitic force who wanted Jewish property and possessions ceased and their liberty taken away. He shares that with present day Islamic blasphemers. I don't equate Martin Luther's behavior as being Christian at all, just as I suspect Muslims in ancient times would be shocked to find their descendants lying, strapping bombs on their women and children, perpetrating female genital mutilation and honor killings along with seeking the extermination of anyone not believing as they do - all in the name of their holy Koran that states no such thing.