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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Islamic Retirement

I have a bad news item concerning the ‘Religion of Submission’ Poor Choice. It involves a retiree from California living and working in Indonesia. Apparently this Gregory Luke guy thought he was back home in the state of left wing whackos where you can complain about anything and an ACLU lawyer is always ready to screw everyone in the state on a whim. Well, Gregory thought the local Mosque’s prayer reading too loud for his sensitive ears so he went down to the Mosque to complain and ended up pulling the cord on their loudspeakers. A mob quickly rocked him and chased Mr. Luke back to his house where they tore it down around his ears while local police watched. The police did escort Greg from his shambles of a home on Lombok Island. They arrested him for blasphemy and the least he can get is seven months in prison with a possibility of five years. Peace be onto you my brother Luke. Your politically correct retirement years would have been better spent in San Francisco or LA, where disrupting everyone's life around you to appease a pet peeve you have is a time honored tradition.


whydibuy said...

I love it.

When one of those liberals gets it handed back to him, its great.

I had a friend go to China this past Fall for 2 months because of work. Before he left, I reminded him strait up that he was no longer in the U.S. and to not do anything but smile at the locals. People here so easily forget that when they are abroad, they are in another legal world. The rest of the world does not have the same system of protections like we have here in the U.S. so watch your Ps & Qs .

As for this idiot, if he gets back to the States, he'll ( hopefully ) have a new understanding of how great we have it here.

BernardL said...

Amen to that, whydibuy. I hope the idiot has sense enough to move back to the states if he survives that stint in an Indonesian prison.