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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chicago Coyotes

I ran across this news item about Chicago allowing coyotes to roam the streets a little while ago Urban Predator. It was so weird I didn’t blog about it even though some very real writing ideas came to mind after reading the article. I’ve since confirmed it’s true and I thought some of you might get a kick out of it. Cook’s County now has sixty coyotes fitted with transmitters and a lot more not fitted. They roam the streets hunting down rodents, especially rats. Naturally my thoughts turned to what a great idea this would be for discouraging loitering in the parks after dark. I can think of more than a few story angles to go along with this true life urban experiment. Unintended consequences come to mind including the fact coyotes run in packs many times when hunting and can attain speeds of forty miles per hour. A new joke in Chicago could be the pair of unwary park strollers faced with a coyote hunting pack where one of the people says ‘What’ll we do? We can’t outrun them’ and is answered with the old saw ‘I don’t have to outrun the coyotes… I just have to outrun you’.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

I guess it has something to say about stray dog populations too, at least small ones. Intersting idea. Reminds me a bit of the book Wolfen by Whitley STreiber.

raine said...

Scary thought. Spotted one in my back yard a couple of winters ago, & it really threw me. They're coming in from the parks where they've congregated, & are spreading out.
They've also attacked a few pets here, even in fenced-in yards, & one lady jogger who had to make a run for it.

But the joke is funny, lol.

Rick said...

You're right, Bernard- there is a cool story idea there!

BernardL said...

I remember 'The Wolfen' very well, Charles. They really ripped a few people apart in that book and their heightened senses enabled them to find their prey anywhere in the city.

I would expect the first unintended casualty would be strays and loose pets, Raine. As you point out they eventually work their way up the food chain and the joke becomes reality. :) I hope Cook's County has a plan for when their experiment starts going awry.

I am going to take a shot at least with a short story, Rick, and see how it comes out. It can go a lot of different ways.