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Friday, December 3, 2010

Everything Proves Global Warming... Including Freezing

James Delingpole hit another homerun in the UK Telegraph with his post today. He vividly points out how every kind of weather is now responsible for Global Warming and the con-men will mold the data anyway they need to for proof until the nonsensical becomes the truth and the truth becomes inconvenient Freeze. His send up of these frauds never disappoints and the comments from the UK show me the scam is over as far as the UK's citizenry.


Charles Gramlich said...

Once people get a hold of a theory they tend to cling to it. I see this both for the pro global warming folks and the anti global warming folks.

The research is sound, though, that global warming in general would increase moisture in the air because of greater evaporation. This could easily lead to increased rainfall and snowfall. Total snowfall would be expected to go up, although snow in and of itself does not constitute a "freezing winter." It would be nearly impossible to tell, however, whether a particular increase in snow fall in one area was due to global warming. Plus, the greatest likliehood is that the snow falls seen in particular areas are well within the normal range for those areas, and thus constitute normal weather patterns rather than extreme ones.

BernardL said...

I doubt you read Delingpole's hilarious list and reader's comments, Charles. They gave me hope we are not going to allow the UN/World Government idiots to tax us for something that has nothing to do with people and everything to do with the sun.

Secondly, this same weather pattern of freezing winters hit in the seventies and the same white coated con-men rolled out their 'sound' research to claim we were heading into another ice age. Once you eliminate the arrogance of mankind having the power to change earth's climate by increasing the minute CO2 content in the air all we're left with is the hoax... and the taxes.