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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Freezing Feel Goodism

Here’s a great article about the absurdity of leaping onto the alternative energy Titanic without reviewing history or using logic Waste. Britain jumped aboard as many of their politicians and media invested heavily in the scam filled carbon market. They built vast forests of wind turbines to save the earth from dreaded CO2. Here are the facts the poor folks in England have to face now when they need these inefficient windmills of waste to stave off this record cold winter. The thousands of wind turbines crank out practically nothing even on good days. The wind boondoggles have to be heated during this cold streak to turn properly thus using more energy than they produce. They break down constantly and Britain now has forests of earlier save the planet models standing in broken down despair – far too costly to either fix or remove. There are always unintended consequences for feel good measures. As with the incredible carbon footprint and energy waste involved with recycling Hybrid supposedly green machine fuel cells, basing monumental energy decisions when the technology ain’t there taxes the citizens but does nothing for the environment. It’s real warm and fuzzy to hug a Hybrid or Quixote Wind-waster pretending to save the planet; but when people end up freezing to death because of schemes creating carbon market scammer gazillionaires like the Goreacle, the world needs a common sense intervention not this slapstick nonsense.


Charles Gramlich said...

They've gotta be doing it wrong if they build windmills that break down. It's a very easy and very old technology.

BernardL said...

The old windmills that used to pump water are old tech. The wind turbines they use to generate energy are far more fragile. Forget about the breakdowns, Charles. As the article points out even with thousands of them working perfectly on a good day, they're not close to generating adequate energy to pay for their upkeep, let alone provide a country with a significant alternate energy. They could cover all of England with the things and still not generate crap. They're expensive, noisy, bird killing monstrosities... and they break down. :)