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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Warming News

Freezing to death for the Global Warming scam Deathly Cold. Thanks to Lord Goreacle the UK went off the deep end to save us all from an imaginary threat. Now UK heating bills escalate regularly in their Quixotic windmill tilting battle against the dreaded Climate Monster of the abyss. As the UK citizens freeze to death, their government politicos, invested heavily in the climate exchange rip-off, steal them blind. This of course leaves the peons with no money left to pay exorbitant heating bills as Earth’s natural cooling cycle chills them to the bone with record low winters like the one they just suffered through. Meanwhile, I wonder where Tipper plans to let the Goreacle stay this winter, the Tennessee mansion or the Montecito estate.


Charles Gramlich said...

Perhaps Al will warm himself with some money blankets.

BernardL said...

If anyone has them it's the Goreacle, Charles. :)