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Friday, November 26, 2010

Business As Usual

We have a new incoming Mayor of Oakland, CA where my auto repair shop is located in the demilitarized zone of East Oakland. Her name is Jean Quan. She’s been a member of the inept city council for many years. Her main claim to fame is that she’s not Jerry Brown (arguably the worst mayor in Oakland history) or our present mayor Ron Dellums who recently surrendered the city to thugs protesting the Mehserle verdict.

Oakland reached new heights of fame itself this past month by being listed as the fifth most dangerous city in the United States Claim To Fame. This dubious notoriety is due directly to our past mayors and city council making it their number one priority to sell out our police department at every opportunity while coddling the gangs and thugs.

Humorously, the new incoming mayor had her politically correct Prius booted for unpaid parking tickets to the tune of $1000 Above The Law. The article calls this embarrassing while Quan calls it an oversight by her ‘backlogged’ husband. I call it the typical badge of honor for our line of gypsies, tramps, and thieves we always elect out here to run our state and cities. The United States should probably cordon us off from the rest of America. As we welcome Jerry Brown and Jean Quan into governing positions within this state devoid of all common sense and logic I’m kind of curious as to who is left in the state and city for them to steal from… uh oh…


raine said...

Don't feel isolated, Bernard.
There seems to be something about a large number of politicians in EVERY city that convinces them they're superior to the laws and people who elected them.
Go figure.

BernardL said...

It would be nice if we at least tried to elect someone out here in lala land that has at some point in their life held a real job, Raine. It's really tough for elected flakes who have been feeding at the public trough their entire lives to feel obligated in obeying anything as mundane as the local laws. You can bet whoever the traffic officer was that booted Quan's Prius will feel the heat.

Charles Gramlich said...

MAybe there should be another Snake Pliston movie. Escape from Oakland.

BernardL said...

Snake would feel right at home, Charles. Like Oakland's police department he'd have no backup with time running out. :)