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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guilty... I don't care.

This post is not for the ultra caring reader. I write because something gives me a gut reaction. The last couple days I’ve been reading about the United States lack of compassion… that we don’t care when disasters hit like floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, etc. happening overseas in Muslim nations like Pakistan or Indonesia. I wonder if this steely heart attitude has to do with every time an act of terrorism like 9/11 or a natural disaster like Katrina hits us the Middle East Muslim nations whining about our compassion erupt in their streets with jubilation. I wonder if our lack of caring has to do with us common folk not being able to vote on the billions of our dollars flooding annually into rat-holes like Pakistan, Indonesia, and Palestine where they hate our guts no matter what we do. Well okay… I admit it… I don’t care… so here, let me express my sorrow over hardships faced by people actively cheering for my extinction… oh wahhhh! There you go. If I had my way, that would be the only aid people actively clamoring for my demise ever got if I could vote on it. I’m thinking if the government wants to get us in the black without taxes let our citizens vote on throwing the UN hucksters out along with ending aid to third world pits breeding Islamist killers to obliterate us. Want to bet on how much the American people vote to keep in their own pockets?


Charles Gramlich said...

I try to do most of my giving close to home, to those I see around me who need help. There are plenty of them. But I also know a fair number of people in foreign countries who do like me and who like America. Certainly, if given a choice, I wouldn't give money to those who will blow up innocents. But I don't like the idea of denying entire countries or people because some of them hate me, any more than I would say that all religion is bad because of assholes like the Westoboro Baptist church. When something bad happens in the US and people in Iran celebrate, I try to remember that it's "some" people in Iran, not every one. I figure most countries are as varied as we are. They have their assholes, just like us, and they have their caring people. Unfortunately, the news too often just shows us the assholes, and I'm sure their news does the same thing when showing Americans. It's definitely a complex issue.

BernardL said...

You made my point, Charles. I want to vote on where my money goes and I don't get to. If the majority of Americans feel as I do you can always write a check to anyone you want. I just don't want you sending one of mine. :)

If the Westoboro Baptist guy wants to burn a Koran it's his freedom to do it just as you can choose not to support his church or any religion in America for that matter. It's too bad his expression one way or another as an American warrants your term "Asshole" while when a nation like Iran plots to wipe us off the map they're just "Some" people. At least give your fellow citizens the same respect you give our enemies.

I don't believe it's a complex issue at all. I want the right to vote on where my money goes overseas.

Charles Gramlich said...

The "people" of Iran is a different kind of thing from the Westboro Baptist church, which consists of about fifteen people, I think. I don't hesitate to call anyone who protests at the funerals of soldiers or who carry signs saying God hates Fags assholes. They are indeed, and I don't consider them my fellow citizens. They have nothing in common with me. I certainly consider various terrorist groups to be assholes as well. But not every Iranian is a member of a terrorist organization, just as the vast majority of Baptists aren't like the Westboro folks. I know many Baptists who are wonderful people, which makes my point. I don't condemn Baptists because of the actions of some people who call themselves Baptists.

BernardL said...

I wasn't taking away your right to call names, Charles. That you don't consider citizens with different viewpoints than yours actual citizens while claiming compassionate fellowship with unknown elements of Iranian people kind of surprises me. You're speeding away from the point of my post at breakneck speed. I don't care who you send money to. I think it's time for the American people to be able to vote on who gets our foreign aid. If our vote goes against your wishes you'll still be able to send a care package in your own name to the Red Crescent. Here's the address:

Charles Gramlich said...

Bernardl, you're painting me a little more radical perhaps than I'm trying to come across. But we have had plenty of disagreements before. Ultimately, I don't feel compelled to speak softly about anyone just because they happen to share an accident of birth with me. And I actually work with some Iranians and quite a number of moslems. They are not unknown to me, although they aren't currently residing in Iran or other such countries. My responses largely had nothing to do with your statement about voting on where your aid goes. I don't really have a problem with that, although on a practical basis I don't really see how it could be done. Maybe you have an idea. My responses have more to do with what appeared to me to be your comments tarring everyone with the same brush. If you say you don't want your money going to Iraq, then it seems to me you are saying that no Iraqi could deserve your help. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting.

BernardL said...

I meant my comments quite literally, Charles, and stated them that way. I don't want my money going to Iran, Pakistan, PLO, or any other country actively seeking my demise - and I want our government to give us the right to vote on it. The same goes for the UN. The reason American citizens are not given the right to vote on the disbursement of our own tax money is because the government knows we'd vote to throw the UN out and give foreign aid only to countries who are active allies - reviewed annually. If you haven't seen the videos of massive anti-American demonstrations in the Middle East I can give you some YouTube links if you want.

Because you feel I'm painting you as a radical when I haven't please don't bring out the anecdotal stories of Muslim and Iranian friends. I work in the middle of various Middle Eastern communities but don't feel it pertinent to the point of my post since my customers and neighbors near my shop are American citizens. I also abhor anecdotal evidence of anything. I respect your point of view without it as I would hope you respect mine.