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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China - Pollution Central

Anyone seeking an example of what totalitarian communist government can do to the environment need look no further than China Polluting Kingpin. They not only emit more greenhouse gases than anyone on the planet (no big deal because the dreaded CO2 we exhale makes up only .04% of our atmosphere along with miscellaneous other gases) China also pollutes the air with toxic pollution the United States curbed long ago. LA gets polluted from China regularly along with their own country which in some industrial sectors is becoming nearly uninhabitable Real Pollution. China in the first article is still demanding reparations according to the Copenhagen Accord joke conference. Nothing will end our young civilization here in the United States faster than appeasing the third world nitwits in charge of the UN and avowed enemies like Red China. China already owns our debt. I wonder what’s next.

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