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Monday, November 22, 2010

'Green' Treachery

A high ranking UN Climate Change thief admits the ‘Green’ in the green movement has nothing to do with climate Climate Con and everything to do with redistributing wealth. With Lord Goreacle on the run and his Chicago Climate Exchange collapsing around his ears the UN scam artists see their cash cow being readied for the barbeque this winter. I wonder if the world’s legion of gullible global warming worshippers will now finally allow the most heinous scam in history to end. The bigwig communists perpetrating the last dregs of this colossal rip-off will be jetting to Cancun for one last ditch effort to breathe life into Climate Fantasy Camp. This would be an excellent time for Interpol to at last do something useful and arrest all the thieves while they’re in one place.


Charles Gramlich said...

Money really is the root of all evil it seems.

BernardL said...

Only when it's stolen instead of earned, Charles.