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Monday, November 8, 2010

Highly Enriched Uranium Anyone?

Highly enriched uranium for sale on the black market was revealed in a secret trial taking place in the Russian republic of Georgia Bad News. It’s the third time HEU has been confiscated in the last seven years. They have no way of knowing how much has actually been smuggled out to who knows who. The problem for all of us with HEU is in that form it can actually be safely handled and can get through the most sophisticated detectors if lightly shielded with lead. With the drug cartels owning our border with Mexico, Arizona’s get tough policy is looking better and better, because I know what group wants HEU smuggled into America and it ain’t movieland’s white supremacist boogey-man. Islamists are already being smuggled in. Add weapons grade HEU to the mix, stir, and serve in a cataclysmic disaster.


Charles Gramlich said...

I hate to think it but a disaster is almost bound to happen

BernardL said...

If the Feds keep suing Arizona and ignoring our border security, it's just about guaranteed, Charles.