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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UK Carbon Taxes Set To Triple

Here’s our future if we don’t stop the Climate Mafia. Our ‘Canary in the coal mine’, the UK, will be implementing carbon taxes set to triple. These ‘Green’ levies are of course simple robbery. They have nothing to do with the environment nor do they stop global warming - which is caused by the Sun and is in a cooling period that started a decade ago. The ‘Green’ levies allow politicians to buy votes by spending money on entitlement programs, collect money from the Climate Mafia’s Carbon Credit Trading Scam, and extort money from real businesses that actually produce products and hire us working peons. All this thievery does is lower our lifestyles, make essential products like food, clothing, etc. go up in price astronomically, and keep Carbon Credit Billionaire Thieves like Al Goracle in their villas.
The only way to stop this massive fraud is to throw out every single politician who opens his or her mouth blathering about climate change or even wears the color green. The negative public opinion has shelved the ‘Cap and Trade’ rip-off in our country. That small beginning can expand to our throwing off the final chains of Al Goracle’s apocalyptic carbon three-card-monte. Remember, whether it’s Kermit the Frog spouting it or an Al Goracle political acolyte, the moment ‘Green’ appears grab your wallet and run.

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