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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Donald Duck Accused of Groping

Donald Duck got the Al Goracle treatment at Walt Disney World when a woman tourist accused Disney’s premier Duck with groping her. As pointed out in the comments and from my own experience at Disneyland, there’s no way in hell one of those costumed employees could grope anyone. Most of the time Donald is a woman employee because of the uniform size. Also the costumed characters are always under escort by other employees because they can’t even see where they’re going. This goofy claim points out the need for major tort reform in this country to end these frivolous law suits. I’ve heard Donald and Daisy quietly separated though.  :)


raine said...

This may be the right time for me to come out with my memoir about my seven-year relationship with Donald...

BernardL said...

Careful Raine, I heard he caught the quack. :)

raine said...

Lol! :D

Middle Ditch said...

I read that this 'groping incident' happened some time ago. A money digger I say. Pfffffffffff ....... Piffle Quack!!!

whydibuy said...

This reminded me of that sitcom married with children.

When Peg wanted her tushy rubbed, Al would don his baseball mitt before commencing to rub.

So a cartoon figure in a hugely padded suit was trying to cop a feel.

Yeah, right.

Another attack lawsuit intended to just get a settlement.

Companies need to start fighting back or they'll just encourage future gold diggers.
I remember back some years ago, a railroad was sued after a derailment due to track sabotage. The rails had just been checked within the week.
But this time, the railroad counter sued for legal costs after the cases were dismissed and was getting judgements of 10k per suit. It stopped lawsuits against the railroad cold. I think it was CSX. Gotta fight back.

BernardL said...

Yes it did, MD. I think the woman brought it late because Disney would have a harder time figuring out who the employee was on that given day. It was probably a woman in the Donald suit anyway.

Disney is fighting this one whydibuy. They are really into protecting their reputation. Adding a lawsuit against this woman after proving their case would be a very good idea. I do remember that 'Married with Children' part. I used to laugh my ass off watching it.