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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still Cooling

Here’s some good news. Actual climate scientists instead of climate mafia sock puppets revealed the Arctic summer temps plunged to Pre-Industrial Revolution readings. This of course means it’s the Sun and not CO2 much to the Carbon Credit Traders’ disappointment. It probably won’t mean anything to world governments taxing their populations into destitution to fix the imaginary future apocalypse though. The dirty secret is if the Climate Mafia can’t pretend to the public they’re doing something by taxing the crap out of us, then the scam dies a natural death when cyclical cooling continues as it is now. Yes I know it’s still hot in the desert in August. I also know taxing people a trillion dollars trying to make the Mojave desert, or for that matter Warren, Ohio cool in August will not work… sorry… that’s just the way it is.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

Well, even a two or three year trend up or down is largely meaningless. Overall we've been in a warming trend for some time because we're living in the interglacial period. It does strongly support that the changes are driven by natural forces rather than human ones.

BernardL said...

Actually we've been cooling for over a decade now and sun activity hints at even cooler periods ahead. I guess it will be on to the next apocalypse for the Warmers - New Ice Age. :)