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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sharia Travesty

Sharia law, implemented in escalating doses over the last few decades in Canada and Great Britain, maintains its stealth jihad by first setting up dual systems of law before finally overwhelming a country’s populace. Why the leaders of these two countries, especially Great Britain, ever allowed this camel’s nose under the tent is a mystery of monumental scope. With its complete subjugation of women (including sexual mutilation and honor killings) and death sentences for Gays, why would two major civilized countries allow this murderous stone-age crapolla to seep into their law? This writer’s breakdown of what we’re in for if we here in America don’t get a clue soon is a stunning outline for disaster.


Charles Gramlich said...

Everyone fears the fantatic.

whydibuy said...

It won't happen here.

If liberal canada tossed it out, you can be sure vocal Americans would pitch it real fast.

A population as aggressive as Americans are unique in the world. Thats why we set the standards the rest of the world so admires.

BernardL said...

Yeah but I think we need to stop this band of fanatics, Charles - now.

I always thought that too, whydibuy, until they actually gave the okay to build a mosque at 'Ground Zero'. That particular piece of stupidity should be a real wake up call about this 'stealth jihad' going on behind our backs here.