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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homeland Insecurity Strikes Again

When you read this article of ‘Inspector Clouseau’ type antics by inspectors finding obvious practice items for terrorism in a dry-run aboard flight 908 from Chicago to Amsterdam you begin to wonder why we bother to check anyone or anything. This statement of idiocy by authorities after Dutch police arrested these two scumbags should send a chill up anyone’s spine thinking about traveling aboard an airliner supposedly under the watchful eye of ‘Homeland Insecurity’ - "Suspicious items were located in checked luggage associated with two passengers on United Flight 908 from Chicago O'Hare to Amsterdam," the Transportation Safety Administration said in a written statement. "The items were not deemed to be dangerous in and of themselves."
Huh?! Maybe next time the Islamo-Terrorist Vanguard can practice with look alike suitcase nukes to see if they can get out of a major American airport without detection. I bet the Dutch thought this was a real humorous outing where our ‘Homeland Insecurity’ ships out obvious terrorists to a landing zone in their nation. The question to me is what in the hell would ‘Homeland Insecurity’ officers deem a dry-run by terrorists? It’s becoming obvious we need to suspect anyone originating from Detroitistan as if they were from Yemen or Iran.


Charles Gramlich said...

I think the lesson is a very old one. If someone really wants a person dead they can find a way to succeed.

BernardL said...

In these cases of security incompetence, Charles, it will mean an incomprehensible number of dead depending on what 'Homeland Insecurity' allows them to practice until they get it right. It's another reason never to shut down Gitmo. When the Islamo-Terrorist dry-run or hot-run clowns get caught as the two in the article from Detroitistan, their next plane ticket should be Gitmo - one-way.