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Monday, August 9, 2010

Schadenfreude Alert With Darwin Award Incident

Imagine a wedding where the groom fires an AK-47 up into the air as a celebratory gesture. Then imagine him losing control and spraying the wedding guests, killing his own father and two aunts. It happened in reality at a religion of submission wedding in Turkey. The scope of this event is so stunningly stupid and tragic as to be in a different realm of perception. On one hand the impulse for Schadenfreude is nearly irresistible. On the other hand the idiocy of a widely practiced tradition of such an utterly imbecilic nature gives me the chills. Naturally, the accidental spraying of innocents with an automatic assault rifle rides the top category of insanity, but the second stage in this nightmare party favor is the fact even if you don’t spray the immediate guests, that stream of bullets fired up in the air does descend back to earth. Incredible!


Charles Gramlich said...

If only he could have just gotten himself so he never had a chance to reproduce.

BernardL said...

Indeed, Charles. His Father was probably in the middle of a shrill high pitched Middle Eastern triumphant wail they do when cheering 9/11 or some other American disaster when the AK-47 chattered his way. His last words were probably the same as any other human being in a similar circumstance "Oh bok!!" - that's "Oh shit!!" in Turkish.